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What is the Jeng Sen?

Jeng Sen Buddhism and Taoism Association was founded in 1957 by Reverend Ng Pui-Lum. Rev. Ng received training under various masters, including Master Ho Kai Chung, who conferred to Rev. Ng the Taoist lineage as a 26th generational Master of the Complete Realization Dragon's Gate School of Taoism. Rev. Ng also studied Buddhism under various eminent Buddhist monks. Because of his dual religious training, Rev. Ng established the Jeng Sen Association as the first integrated Taoist and Buddhist temple in the United States, although such combined temples exist throughout Asia.

The temple's main shrine is divided into three altars. The center altar is dedicated to the patron diety of our temple, Immortal Master Lu Sun Yang. Master Lu is a highly honored sage and revered as a teacher of the "Three Religions of China"- Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. The right altar is dedicated to Shakyamuni Buddha (Founder of Buddhism) and the great Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. The left altar is dedicated to the Supreme Old Lord Lao Zi (Founder of Taoism)and the Great Immortals and Celestial Dieties.

The rear shrine honors the Celestial Guardians of the Tao, the Earth God and the Astrological Planetary Protectors ("Tai Shui"). Adorning the altars are flowers, fruits and 73 gold lanterns presented as offerings by supporters of the temple.

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